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Berkwitz, Stephen C. (2013).  Buddhist Poetry and Colonialism: Alagiyavanna and the Portuguese in Sri Lanka.
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Anderson, Carol S. [Hrsg.], Mrozik, Susanne [Hrsg.], Rajapakse, R. M. W. [Hrsg.], Wijeratne, V. M. [Hrsg.] (2012).  Embedded Languages: Studies of Sri Lankan and Buddhist Cultures ; Essays in Honor of W. S. Karunatillake. vi, 408 S.
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Biedermann, Zoltán (2014).  The Portuguese in Sri Lanka and South India: studies in the history of diplomacy, empire and trade, 1500 – 1650. Maritime Asia; 25. x, 205 S.
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Kumarasingham, Harshan (2013).  A Political Legacy of the British Empire: Power and the Westminster System in Post-Colonial India and Sri Lanka. International Library of Twentieth Century History; 54. xiv, 297 S.
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Derges, Jane (2013).  Ritual and Recovery in Post-Conflict Sri Lanka. Routledge contemporary South Asia series; 62. xvi, 213 S.
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Nordhoff, Sebastian [Hrsg.] (2013).  The Genesis of Sri Lanka Malay: a Case of Extreme Language Contact. Brill's Studies in South and Southwest Asian Languages; 3. xiii, 294 S.
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